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Holds up to 8 Gun Safe 360W x 360D x 1500H Category A, B 599
12 Gun Key Safe - Category - ABC External H
Category C, D and H firearms must be stored in a locked steel gun safe with a minimum 6mm thick metal door (3mm for remainder of cabinet, but 6mm all over recommended)
Category H - the firearm must be designed or adapted for competition target shooting, or must have a barrel length of at least 120mm for a semi-automatic handgun or 100mm for a revolver or a single shot handgun
GST) Add to cart Sale LORD SAFES CSLP00265 Ex-Bank LP (install and delivery included) 4,372
Hard Aluminium Double Sided Hunting Gun Cases Safes Bags Rifle Shot Carry Boxes
50 for a firearms dealer category a, b longarms, general category handguns, paintball, according to the firearms licence and permit fee schedule issued by victoria